As a kid I always wanted to celebrate Halloween. I would read about it in my favourite books (baby sitters club, sweet valley twins – 80’s kids represent!), but it just wasn’t something we did here in Australia. Now days it’s becoming more and more popular every year, the shops stock a whole lot of costumes and decorations, treats go on sale and we get more and more trick or treaters every year. I’ve been dressing my kids up since they were born (Max was actually dressed up as pumpkin while still in my belly!), but this year was my first time putting together a Halloween party.

I’m loving all things monochrome at the moment, so I went with a simple and subtly spooky black, white and silver theme.

I found the inspiration for each of the treats on Pinterest (except for the poison apples, which were just granny smiths coated in white chocolate and then drizzled with black candy melts). The cake decorating was seriously easy and so much fun! The tutorial said it was going to be easy, but I never imagined it would actually be as simple as it was. Now I want to put marshmallow spiderwebs on everything!!

The tutorial for the nightmare before Christmas cookies gives really in depth steps on how to recreate them, but I took the easy way and used a wilton edible marker over the top of fondant.

I really love making meringues so when I saw the adorable little meringue ghosts I knew they would be making their way onto my table. These were the kids’ favourite treats, bite size ghosts perfect for little mouths.

The idea for the milkshakes came from TomKat studio, as did the bat cut outs. Although rather than printing all the bats out I just printed out one of each size, then traced them onto black card stock and cut them all out. Because I just stuck the middle of each bat to the wall and folded the wings in slightly they looked a lot better being black on both sides.

Last but not least the Halloween banner is an omm designs letter banner from Little Me Little You. I absolutely love it!

Happy Halloween!