In yesterday’s Superhero Party post when I talked about how much the boys loved this Hulk Smash Wall I don’t think I emphasized it enough. They LOVED IT!! I set it up before the party started and literally had to bribe them with chocolate to leave it alone until their guests arrived. The first ones to turn up were three boys around Max’s age and while the four older boys were standing around waiting for the all clear to go nuts, little Lincoln walked up to the wall, put on the Hulk Hands and started smashing! After that all bets were off!! They had so much fun building that little cardboard wall up and smashing it down over and over again.

Making it was so easy that it barely even needs a DIY, but here goes anyway.

You’ll Need:

  • 9 Boxes – I used nappy/diaper boxes (with two kids still in nappies I have no shortage of these)
  • Brown Paint
  • Light Brown Paint (I mixed white in to get it really light)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush

Making the wall is as simple as gluing closed each of your boxes, painting them brown (mine needed two coats) and then adding in your ‘mortar’ with the light brown paint. Once they’re all dry you are ready to go. My only challenge was ‘rescuing’ the boxes as they dried in between coats, my boys kept sneaking off with them so they could smash the wall down. It really is the simple things that provide the most fun!