These little wrapped chocolates are one of one of the easiest things you can do for a party, they taste great (so the kids will love them) and you can make them to suit absolutely any theme.

For Emily’s Frozen Party I used them on the dessert table as well as adding them into the little favor bags.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • Cadbury Furry Friends Chocolates {I have a feeling these are only available in Australia, but any thin flat chocolate will work}
  • Silver Aluminium Foil
  • Coloured Card Stock or Paper
  • Glittery Card Stock
  • Snowflake Punch
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glue
  1. Wrap your chocolates in a square of al-foil (I left the wrappers on – for the allergy advice and ingredient details – and just wrapped the whole thing in al-foil).
  2. Cut your cardstock / paper to size – I recommend 2cm (3/4 of an inch) shorter than the width of the wrapped chocolate and and long enough to wrap right around the chocolate with a little extra to overlap and stick down.
  3. Wrap the cardstock or paper around the wrapped chocolate and stick it down using your double sided tape.
  4. Using your snowflake punch and glittery card stock make three snowflakes per chocolate.
  5. Stick the glittery snowflakes on with a little dab of glue on each.

Simple, effective and yum!