When choosing a party theme and getting started on the planning, one of the first things I decide on are the party favours. Part of the reason for that is I love having a special little something to hand each of my guests as they head out the door. These days I love them even more now that I see my older boys getting all excited about handing a gift or treat bag to each of their friends at the end of a party too!

I’ve put together a few sweet and simple ideas that would be absolutely perfect for a gold and pink party like the one Cat threw for Georgia and Lulu.

These elegant gift boxes from Lux Party are the ideal starting point for Pink and Gold favours. Streamlined and the perfect soft pink, they even come with the gold ribbon included so all you have to do is assemble and tie your prettiest bow!

To fill the boxes, I love the idea of taking easy to find treats and adding a personal touch. Lindt chocolates (my fave!) wrapped in crepe paper and tied with ribbon is one great idea. Another are these printable chocolate wrappers that you can add to store bought chocolates.

Finish off the boxes with a couple of fun items like gold glitter decorated bubble blowers and sweet princess hair clips and you’ll have yourself a party favour that both the mums and little guests will love!