When it comes to dessert and feature tables it’s the little details that take things from average to wow. Attention to detail definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!

At Georgia and Lulu’s Gold Party, mum Cat purchased regular store bought Macarons and added her own detail (painted gold stripes) to bring them to life. It’s super simple to do; just mix gold lustre powder with either rose essence or vodka to create an edible paint.

The options for decorating your own macarons are practically endless. And with them being notoriously difficult to master, it’s the perfect way to add your own little touch without spending hours in the kitchen baking.

Some of my favourites are half dipping them in chocolate and nuts, adding little edible pearls around the exposed filling, piping adorable animal faces onto them, or if you’re feeling really creative painting on some watercolour flowers.

Happy decorating!