My son Max is obsessed with Harry Potter, each year I ask him if he wants to have a Harry Potter party and each year he says ‘not yet’. He’s worried about spoilers for all his friends that haven’t seen it yet. Bless his sweet heart! Although after seeing this super fun Harry Potter party that Alexandra threw for her son George I’m very tempted to twist his arm for the next party! Here’s what Alexandra had to say –

The party was for my son 9th birthday, who is obsessed with Harry Potter. Everything was made by me! From the cake, to the wands, the ties and the desserts! I spent a lot time researching on google and pinterest and getting ideas. Everything was done on a budget, parties can sometimes take a life of their own and be quite costly. For example the sorting hat was an old witches hat (from a Halloween costume) that i covered with brown wrapping paper and the spell books were old books also covered and the titles printed. The wands were chopsticks- I used a hot glue gun and painted them brown with gold- cheap and effective.

For desserts Alexandra served cake, vanilla cookies, oreo balls, oreo nutella cheesecake, lime cheesecake, caramel sponge cake and baklava. The cake was white chocolate mud cake with salted caramel buttercream- yum!

For entertainment Alexandra made Quidditch pong, the kids had to aim the ball through the hoops and land it in the cup, pin the scar on Harry and also hired a magician for extra fun.